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Dear participant,

Please find a report on the findings of the Oslo Policy Forum on Changing the Way We Develop: Dealing with Disasters and Climate Change, held in Oslo 27 - 29 February of this year. The report summarises the discussions and recommendations of the conference. Additional information may be downloaded from the website www.oslopolicyforum.no, including the full agenda, list of participants and background documents.
The main objective of the event was to exchange experience, and as a result obtain a greater understanding of:
  • progress and challenges of disaster risk reduction (DRR) mainstreaming together with efforts to address climate change within international development organisations
  • progress and challenges of promoting DRR mainstreaming within development programmes, with a particular focus on promoting mainstreaming in developing country governments/systems
This included a focus on the following questions:
  • What are the necessary components of a successful mainstreaming strategy?
  • How to promote coherent approaches to multiple challenges?
  • What are the practical links between DRR and governance in a context of increasing attention to climate change?
The meeting closed with broad agreement on the need to act swiftly and constructively to ensure that DRR is a central theme in the discussions leading up to the COP-15 in Copenhagen in 2009. In order to continue the momentum towards this outcome, discussions were used to develop a set of recommendations that summarise the views of the Forum participants. The agreed document is presented in the report.
The organisers - the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ProVention Consortium and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - are all committed to follow up on the outcome of the conference. Steps ahead include the upcoming Copenhagen Policy Forum in November, the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in 2009 and the ongoing work of the International Commission on Climate Change and Development, set up by the Swedish Government. These events will hopefully provide opportunities to proactively build joint efforts to influence the preparations of the COP-15 in an appropriate manner. 


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